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2 Livvv is a non-profit organization that exists to cultivate, connect, create, and catapult artists into their purpose.  Everyone is unique and therefore requires a journey tailor-made for them, accompanied by individuals fully invested in their future. 


With 2 Livvv, artists will be part of a community where they will be fostered and cultivated with love, support and professional guidance.  2 Livvv offers unique opportunities for artists.  We provide spaces for artists to create, including dance and music studios, as well as film production facilities.


2 Livvv will soon launch a signature Artist Development Program (ADP).  Artists will be selected to live in our facility, work one on one with industry professionals, and be given the opportunity to cultivate their talent and brand. 


It's time 2 Livvv!



2 Livvv offers something for nearly every artist. 

Click on the photos below to explore services we offer to artists.

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All Things Dance
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All Things Creative
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Artist Development

Career Center – A computer lab fully equipped with programs and software for script writing, film and photo editing, etc. Artists can use these computers for their projects, career development and career advancement.

Workshops & Seminars – Each month, 2 LIVVV will bring in industry professionals to teach relevant classes that help develop artists from the inside out. We will offer everything from dance and acting master classes to financial freedom and personal development classes. This will be extended to all of our 12 Locations across the world per each home location.

Artist Development Program – Approximately 12 Artists will be invited through an application process to join our 6 to 12 month program. During this time, Artists will be offered an all expenses paid stay. They will be paired with industry mentors and receive hands-on career development services and training to catapult their art and brand to the next level.

Youth Program – We will host a week-long summer arts program for youth, that will include classes, lunch, and culminate in a final showcase in which our industry friends are invited to attend. We Partner with L.A.C.E.R. each school year and assign DANCE 2 LIVVV Teachers to each of their schools for their after school programs in order to raise up the next generation of Legends in our thriving Industries.

Dance 2 Livvv Program - Our international dance class tour has already been making an impact from Los Angeles all the way to Botswana, Africa.  This program partners with youth organizations to offer master dance classes taught by some of the best choreographers in the U.S.

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